Crash Doors

Areas of use: Retail, Supermarkets, Food Processing, Manufacturing, Warehousing and Industrial.

Glass Reinforced Polyester is an extremely tough, clean, water resistant material ideal for demanding environments where performance and hygiene are crucial. Our range of fibreglass swing doors are built to last and do not suffer the day to day wear that can be caused by the movement of trolleys and equipment. Designed & constructed to industry leading standards, all our doors comply with the latest fire, DDA, hygiene & safety standards.

Product benefits:

• Dortek-Intedoor crash doors have been designed for high traffic applications
• All doors are lightweight, durable and easy to operate
• Strong, hard-wearing and long lasting construction requires minimum maintenance
• Smooth, non-porous gelcoat finish which is easy to clean and resistant to water and cleaning chemicals
• 180 degree swing hinge system
• Lockable door options available for extra security
• Doors come fitted with polypropylene bumpers to guard against aggressive traffic and prevent damage to the door face.