Transfer Hatches

Area of use: Cleanrooms, Hospitals, Research Laboratories

Stainless steel transfer hatches designed to provide a safe and easy way to transfer products or materials between clean rooms and adjacent non-sterile areas. The hatch has mechanically interlocked doors to prevent depressurization and minimize the risk of contamination.
The doors are deliberately not sealed in order to allow a small volume of air from the clean side (which is normally at a higher pressure) to continuously flush the interior of the hatch.

This volume is so small by comparison with room air flows, that it will have no perceptible effect on room pressures.


• Stainless steel construction
• Acrylic or glass doors with a stainless steel frame
• Mechanically interlocked doors
• Supplied with installation flanges which can be fitted flush or protruding
• Easy clean surfaces
• Fire resistant version up to 60 minutes.